ALIGN ALL PARTIES INTERESTS - REALIZE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Energy Dynamics has since 2011 worked closely with the industry to develop DynaCharts. DynaCharts is a new digitized operating model creating value for the whole value chain in the oil & gas and infrastructure industry. DynaCharts relates incentive to performance, and the project participants can log on to their own respective part of a web-based application and observe their incentives tied to predefined targets.


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Tailor Made for large complex projects

One of the major challenges within large complex projects is to align all involved parties preferences with the overall goal, the project owner goal. As the suppliers behaviour is bonded rational, they will offer best practice at the lowest price, and after the contract is awarded, their preferences changes as they now become motivated to increase their own profit and not favour the project owners overall goal. This affects project performance negatively and increase cost, as resource allocation, information sharing and close collaboration is affected negatively. DynaCharts is a mechanism to avoid those challenges to evolve, and function as a catalyst to increase value realization in complex projects.

DynaCharts ensures an agile, adaptive and aligned operation, even when unforeseen events occurs.