CATALYST TO REALIZE VALUE. Previously, the focus has been on developing systems for gathering information. In spite of such technological initiatives, experience from large complex projects has shown that the involved parties lack information when making decisions. The reason is the absence of private information. Our model motivates the suppliers to send private information to the project owner unsolicited when needed. The reason is that the project owner’s decisions will also affect suppliers’ incentives. Same mechanism works between the suppliers, and from the project owner and back to the suppliers. The flow of information is in other words more open and the interaction becomes much closer. This helps to generate a favourable behaviour with regard to the safety level. By using DynaCharts, all parties generate value through better collaboration. DynaCharts will also function as a major catalyst to realize value from new technology, and function as a hub to bridge digital initiatives.


• DynaCharts is a step change in digital collaboration and integration
• DynaCharts will bring project performance faster to another level – Expecting 15-25% productivity improvement and cost reduction. In addition, great synergies will occur
• DynaCharts will strengthen project owners reputation as they manage to increase productivity and reduce cost, at the same time, the project owner will attract the best available resources in the market
• DynaCharts will build strategic advantages for the project owner
• DynaCharts will stimulate communication and closer collaboration to realize better performance